Countdown to Practicum

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Going to school in the summer has been challenging, the kids are out and want to go everywhere! I have managed a mini vacation on the first long weekend of the summer. We went to the Island and stayed at a hotel room in Victoria and splurged and ordered room service for breakfast. My youngest son, Austin thought that was the best part of the trip. Having breakfast in bed, that I didn’t cook. Relaxing in a nice luxurious bed with mounds of fluffy pillows around you, is definitely worth it. We were there for the celebration for Victoria Day. It was fantastic, they sure put on a fabulous show, of a parade and fireworks. It was a much needed trip for some rest and relaxation with all the work I have been doing. I was also able to get out to a few lakes this past long weekend. The break in modules is great for relaxing and taking mini vacations. I am so glad that there are three in the summer, it helps for extra study time and getting away to relax. I haven’t been camping yet, so hopefully this September that will be able to happen. Then it will be practicum time and crossing my fingers, school for the kids. Then everything will go back to normal. I know they won’t like it, but I sure will! I like structure and routine, I know it seems a bit crazy. Who likes that? Why not just stay home and sit around, well because that is boring! For me anyways. I will never be able to just sit and watch tv, if the sun is shining, or even in the rain, I am outside. I suppose living in Vancouver I can expect nothing less, plus I have a dog who requires a lot of exercise and she does not care if it is raining or sunny. So that helps me prepare for all the elements and going out in them. I enjoy it. I think it sinks into our blood, in childhood and as adults, embrace it to our core. I feel very grateful to live here. I think sometimes I take it for granted, but now I’m beginning to realize and remember everyday how good I actually have it living in such a diverse country.  

   So I am nearing the end of school, it’s the last module until practicum. It seems to be a fast paced course, almost every day there is a quiz. It is very stressful. I have a lot going on and I feel like I am being pulled in every direction all at the same time. I know this will change and I will balance it all out, like I always do. It’s just the looming pressure and the anxiety of practicum around the corner. I am very excited about practicum, but also a tad nervous. I suppose it’s a natural feeling. It’s a 6 week interview basically. I am looking forward to it and can’t wait, because that will mean school is over! I feel mixed emotions with that, happy and sad. Happy because it is over and I have accomplished my goal, sad because I like seeing everyone and being in the classroom setting. Either way I am excited for the next chapter in my life. 

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