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My name is Jessica and I am in the Hospital Support Specialist Program here at Stenberg College. I am a single mother of two boys aged 15 and 12. After being a stay at home mom for quite some time, and with my kids being older, I decided to further my career. I have always wanted to go into health care: I have a passion for taking care of people and furthering my education. I will always be a ‘student’, even when I am done this course; knowledge is power!  My cousin told me about Stenberg and how she was planning on going into the Nursing Unit Clerk Program and I should check out the program. I came across the Hospital Support Specialist Program at Stenberg and thought it was a great fit for my family and myself. Within this program I can be helpful and interactive with people while still being there for my boys. I am so excited to learn. I have already grown so much since the first day of class. I am excited to see how I will evolve into the career I have chosen. I cannot wait to keep you up to date on how it is going.  My next chapter in life is now! I know it’s going to be good, so good.

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