The Importance of Professional Communications

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As I go through this course I am often reminded that people are happier when they are treated with kindness. In our jobs as Hospital Support Specialists we must remember to be kind and have patience, to use our words, and to over look the small things.  I try to apply this to all aspects of my life. Driving is one as well. Sometimes as a student, I get busy and forget that. This applies in the classroom as much as in the job we will have later. The classroom is the best way to make sure you have eye contact. Speaking in a clear tone, is essential and should be practised everyday. Reading aloud in class is good public speaking practise. Eye contact is a key component in showing a person you are listening. Looking into someone’s eyes and smiling while talking to them can sometimes lighten their mood, if they seem agitated. If not it still is a nice gesture and shows you are friendly, welcoming and easy to talk to. I am easy to talk to. I find myself talking to everyone I meet along my day. In school, at the store. Wherever I am, people just talk to me. They always tell  me how their day is going. I must have a non-verbal welcoming look on my face, that reads Talk to me. I don’t mind it at all. I find it refreshing and love every minute of it.  Even if it is at the grocery store. I’m often stopped on the street and asked directions. My fondest memory of this was just recently. I was walking in the parking lot to school, and this older man stopped me and asked me if I knew where the Citizenship and Immigration Canada Office was, at first I directed him to the Passport Office, because the address looked the same. Then I realized, after looking a little closer,  where he meant. Which was just around the corner from where I was headed. He was going to be sworn in as a Canadian Citizen. He was beaming. When I told him I’d could show him, it was like I just told him the path was paved with gold. As I walked him to right where it was, we chatted a bit and I noticed the smile on his face was from ear to ear and I said to him, oh you must be so excited. He looked at me and said “I’ve dreamt of this, for so long”. When we reached the doors, he thanked me several times and turned to walk to his new life. It brought tears to my eyes. My heart smiled for him all day.

As I go day to day in my life, I always smile and be as friendly as I can. I do know and remember when someone in my day makes a small gesture of kindness towards me. It helps me pass it along to the next person. It is the best non-verbal way of communicating. I tend to stay calm in pretty much every situation. When my son was five he swallowed a quarter, I was as cool as a cucumber, because I knew, if I showed him that I was freaking out AT ALL, so would he. Which would cause him to freak out and lodge it down further. Or worse. Even when the Ambulance came, I was still calm. We went to two hospitals, as Surrey Memorial, did not have an ENT, which is an Ears, Nose and Throat Specialist. So off to Children’s. The front staff, Nurses and Doctors at Children’s were exceptionally nice and sympathetic, when we arrived. They wheeled him in instantly, as they we waiting our arrival, they  put him to sleep and went in with a long prong type tweezer device and “fished” the quarter out. Luckily it was standing up right on his esophagus and was not obstructing his airways. I think I already realized this, as he was breathing ok, the whole time. I think I would have panicked more if he wasn’t. It’s showed me how to handle the most stressful situations with the uttermost compassion and style. Having theses situations arise in my personal life, has helped me to handle stress with ease. So I smile at people, greet them with kindness and listen to the music loud in my truck whenever possible. It makes for a fabulous drive to sing out, at the top of my lungs, any good or bad thing that may have happened in my day. 

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