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Well today we saw the new cohort of Stenberg’s Hospital Support Specialist program, and it just made me think on how far I have come in this program, all the while feeling like I was just in their seats yesterday.

My instructor, a fellow classmate and myself were lucky enough to go into their class and speak with them today and it was so strange to see a fresh new excited set of faces embarking on the same journey I am on.

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We spoke to them about the upcoming Anatomy & Physiology course they will be facing, the computer course they are currently in and the overall genuine experiences we have had and are having at the school thus far. I saw some pretty overwhelmed faces, some carefree faces, and some blank, I think “shocked” faces. This all reminded me of our first unsure and apprehensive weeks in the course, I remember when a couple other ladies from the Cohort before us came in and spoke with us about their experiences and for most the most part, it honestly went in one ear and out the other, taking in only little bits and pieces. We couldn’t really appreciate the words and advice they were giving us.

It wasn’t until I was the one speaking to the class that it hit me, they like myself, must figure it out on their own, and the ones that are meant to make it through and graduate will (hopefully all of them), and they will be better for it. I don’t think anyone can come in and prepare you for the road ahead unless you yourself have traveled that road. No amount of forewarning or heads-up will prepare you for the heavy work load, no amount of strategic planning will get you through.

You need to take it day by day, make your lists check them off and complete the tasks at hand. Remember that you are here for something you are genuinely interested in and have to give it everything you’ve got to make it through.

Seeing them and their excitement made me happy for them to be able to do the things and learn the vast knowledge that I have taken in.

They are at the start of an incredible journey and I hope theirs is as good of a ride as mine has been so far. If you guys ever need anything don’t be afraid to knock on our door; we’re here to help!

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Sabrina Halladay is a student in Stenberg's Hospital Support Specialist program. She has returned to school to pursue a new career after several years as a stay-at-home mom of three.

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