How Dispensing Opticians Succeed in Sales

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Purchasing new eyewear is a big decision for many people. Most customers don’t own more than one pair of eyeglasses or contact lenses at a time, so choosing the right pair often means choosing the pair they will have for several years.

There are several places where customers can go to purchase eyewear, such as online merchandisers or the local optical store. The downside to online shopping is that stores only offer the option of trying glasses on via a photo, which doesn’t actually tell customers if their frames will fit. Optometrists also say that a number of online vendors don’t follow the same procedures that a licensed professional would, meaning that the product you order online could arrive at your door with prescriptions that don’t match. Eyewear that is manufactured or fitted improperly can lead to eyestrain, double vision, or headaches.

Dispensing opticians are licensed practitioners dedicated to helping clients make the right choice when it comes to purchasing eyewear. They are an integral member of the eye-care team who fit eyeglasses, contact lenses and specialized products for their clients, while also providing guidance on styles and prices. Are you looking to become a dispensing optician? Let’s take a look at some of the factors that will contribute to your sales success in this exciting career.

A People-Focused Approach

Dispensing optician training provides the know-how needed to interpret prescriptions and determine the best material to be used for lenses—but that’s only part of the job.

A huge as well as rewarding aspect of this career is helping people determine a look that works best for them. Imagine being able to provide guidance that helps clients to find eyewear that suits them and makes them feel confident in their appearance.

Dispensing opticians manage an ever-changing inventory of designer eyewear, and must keep up with the latest eyewear trends in order to provide accurate consultation. They communicate with clients to determine what style they’re looking for within their price range and give tours of the optical showroom while providing suggestions.

Once clients make their decision, the process doesn’t end there. Dispensing opticians may need to adjust eyewear frames once they are fitted with lenses, to ensure the wearer’s comfort. They consult on proper maintenance of contact lenses and provide aftercare as well.

Organizational Skills

Along with demonstrating strong people skills, those pursuing a dispensing optician career also need organizational skills.

Scheduling appointments, follow-ups and managing clients’ files are all part of a day’s work. Managing inventory means organizing the stockroom as well as display cases, making sure orders arrive in a timely manner and maintaining a relationship with eyewear suppliers. Time management is an important organizational skill too. Some dispensing opticians will find themselves working in a busy optical store, where they must ensure that all clients get the level of service they need, in a timely fashion.

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