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When I joined the Career Connect program at Stenberg College, I remembered the story of the monkey God, and how he must have felt at the time when everybody was looking at him and he was suspicious of his own abilities.

There is a beautiful story in epic Ramayana. When Demon and the King of Lanka, Rawan, took away the wife of the God Rama forcibly, he decided to send Hanuman to Lanka as his messenger. Hanuman was wise and wanted to convey that if Rawan did not hand over Sita to him, a war between Rawan and Rama was imminent. Everybody was sure that Hanuman was the best person to do the job, but Hanuman himself was not sure.

The Hindu god Hanuman.

It was then, the King of Bears, Jambavan, reminded Hanuman of his powers by telling him a story of when he was a child and became very hungry. Hanuman saw the sun at the horizon, and thought it to be an apple. Because of his divine powers, he started flying in space to catch that apple. He finally reached the sun, grabbed it and ate it. As soon as he ate the sun, there was darkness all around. All the Gods and Goddesses requested that Hanuman to release the sun. Finally, he agreed and he released the sun. It was light all over again. After hearing this story from Jambavan, Hanuman was confident again in his powers and in one leap, he crossed the ocean and reached Lanka.

When I came from India to Canada, I had vast experience in many fields. I had worked as a journalist, a translator and an interpreter.

I was a founder of a non-profit organisation PANKHUDI, meaning ‘the Petal.’ In my career of 21 years, I worked for two newspapers, two dot-coms, two magazines, one news channel, one production house, two news agencies, radio and television. Apart from this, I had translated for four prominent publishing houses and translated more than 70 books. I was translating English scripts for the National Geographic Channel and History Channel for almost eight years. I was the official Translator and Interpreter of the British High Commission for almost 16 years.

Since I came to Canada, I have been working a survival job, but when I joined the Career Connect program at Stenberg College, Mark Estrada and Vee Mariano reminded me that I had done a lot of work, and have experience and expertise in many different fields back home, which I can utilize here in Canada to establish myself.

Though this program’s duration is only two months, and I am only halfway through, I have realized that yes! I can do it again!

And now, just like Hanuman, I am prepared for my leap and ready to cross the ocean!

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