Christmas on Campus

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The holidays are always a busy time, especially when you are in school and working.

The holidays can be a chaotic time of year for many people, so it’s important to have some fun and laughter. To me the holidays are about connection. About catching up with the family I may only see once or twice a year, eating rich and delicious foods, and too much chocolate. There have been a lot of holiday festivities around the Stenberg campus, it seemed every day that I came in there was something else happening.

There was a raffle put on to raise money in order to help families in need throughout the Christmas season. Each class had put together a gift basket and each one was to be given in the raffle. The gift baskets were quite extravagant, you could clearly see the effort that each group had made to put together an amazing prize to go towards an even more amazing cause.


For days, the reception area was filled with the baskets, most of which had themes; A Day at the Spa, Scratch and Win, A Staycation, and many more. Even a small gift can make a huge difference for those do not have much.

From what I saw and was told this raffle was very successful; I am happy that Stenberg was able to put this together again as I hear it has become somewhat of a tradition.

One of the days, I got to school, and for the most part everything seemed quite normal. Until I walked into my classroom. If I hadn’t yet realized Christmas was just around the corner, this was the moment. Candy EVERYWHERE! Frosting on the desks and chairs, candies spilled over on the floor, gingerbread crumbs, and along the wall was two long desks filled with gingerbread houses. It was quite a sight to see, I couldn’t help but laugh and enjoy the moment. Students from different cohorts rushed to put the finishing touches on their mini gingerbread abodes. There were many different styles, some with neatly placed candies, nice straight icing lines, others put together with fun and creativity.

From ornament making for our hallway tree to cards and treats in the classroom, the season was a lot of fun.

The laughter and joy that was the environment at the college in the weeks leading up to the Christmas break made December all the more enjoyable.

I do have to say, as much as I enjoyed the break, I am happy to be back in class. I ended up missing the people in my class. We spend so much time together and have built important friendships as we learn and grow together.


Happy New Year to everyone at the college and anyone else who reads this!

If you are going to have a resolution: make a decision to do something and make it with determination. Resolve everyday towards your goals, dreams and aspirations. Not for a new year, for you.

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