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Of the many diverse things that we learn in the CMHAW program, I see the guest speakers being the most important. We get to hear their stories and have them share their experiences. We have heard from former clients, former students, elders, and people who have been working in the field. One particular speaker came into Stenberg last Monday and we were invited to campus (It was also ice cream day!). The speaker, Kamal Dhillon, was absolutely great and her story was moving. She was a very soft spoken woman who was there to deliver us a very powerful message. This woman had been through the worst of the worst. She came to speak about domestic violence. She has also written an autobiography on her past experiences.

As she spoke, I was drawn into her story. For years she had gone through a brutal suffering. Her husband had abused her in every form possible, but the woman I saw in front of me was powerful, real and strong. There were many emotions that had come through while hearing her story. I felt as if life is a gift. You should never take anything for granted. My heart went out to her. After all was said and done, what I got from her was the feeling of empowerment. Not everyone has the chance to leave. Not everyone has the strength to know their worth. It took her seven years to realize that she was her own person and she was strong and capable of living for her and her children. The most powerful gift we have is the ability to help. Not everyone suffers from domestic violence or abuse, but those of us who can help, SHOULD. It is not me, as a human being to just sit back knowing that something can and should be done. I really felt thankful that we had the opportunity for Kamal to come and share her story. It just makes you feel like you can be the difference. You can reach out and help! It was a very informational and suitable lecture to have in the course that I am in.

I have learned a great deal from having guest speakers come in and share with us what it is that they do to make a difference in the world. I think it is a great chance for us to see what is out there and how we can all becoming involved. I for one, find the guest speakers (and field trips) to be my favourite part of the course. Hopefully we can have many more to come because it is not the readings, or Powerpoint presentations that make learning stick with me, it is the realness and I am more of a hands-on learner rather than visual. I like to actually see people feeling passion about what they are doing, and enjoying life to the fullest as I wish one day for myself to feel. I can tell that every person who has ever come in to do a lecture with us has an absolute undoubted love and passion for whatever it may be that they are there to teach.

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