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My name is Alyse. I am 21 years old and I love to be outside and active. What led me to the Nursing Unit Clerk Program at Stenberg College was with me not getting into the dispatching program in Chilliwack through the RCMP. At first I was heartbroken. It was something I had wanted for so long and tried so hard at. I had gone through the testing and qualifications and passed all of them only to be told that I wasn’t “experienced enough.” After a while I picked myself back up again and thought of ways to get myself into a direction that would provide experience that would resemble a high stress situation like 911 dispatching.

One night my mum and I were watching a program on the Knowledge Network featuring VGH (“Life + Death at Vancouver General Hospital”). On one episode a nursing unit clerk was presented. I had never even heard of one. My mum told me to start looking into it. Immediately I was interested. I had always wanted to work in a hospital but my fear of needles had kept me from applying myself. After learning that unit clerks had nothing to do with needles I started researching schools. I was pleased to find out I already had all of the qualifications. When looking at schools I honestly could have picked any one of them, but Stenberg was the only school that reached out and really made an effort to welcome me and help me through the application process. Since I am not from the Lower Mainland I wasn’t able to attend the Info Session or take the entrance testing on campus. However it was made possible through Stenberg’s fantastic staff.

I am happy that the age old saying “when one door closes, another door opens” is true and I look forward to starting my journey in the Nursing Unit Clerk field along with my other classmates.

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