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My name is Katrina. I am 19 and currently enrolled at Stenberg College in the Nursing Unit Clerk Program. I have a passion for leadership and am always willing to help other students – whether it is before or after class. I always try and include myself in student discussions as much as possible. I have a passion for God; apart from him I am nothing and through him I can do all things. 

I came to be at Stenberg through my twin sister (no, we are not identical). She had enrolled in the LPN program here in April 2012. I thought, “why not and make an appointment with an Advisor and see where God will take me from there?” My mother is a Unit Clerk at St.Paul’s Hospital. She has spoken to me time and time again about being a Unit Clerk but I would find myself brushing her off most of the time. My mom took me to Stenberg and I met with Jandy and instantly made a connection with her. She introduced me to the different programs Stenberg offers and the moment she introduced me to the Nursing Unit Clerk Program, I was sold. I met quite a few staff members that day and instantly felt welcomed. I didn’t finish high school, I was missing eight credits (two courses). Jandy encouraged me to finish my classes in the summer and I passed with flying colors! 

Beginning my “life at Stenberg” was a great feeling. I didn’t think I would ever make it to college due to my grades in high school. Everyone at Stenberg as well as my family assured me that I would do great. The instructors and staff are absolutely amazing! I love every bit of my program so far and am sad that I am only 2 ½ months away from practicums. Stenberg is one of the greatest blessings God has ever given me. In my free time I love to sing and write poetry. 

We want to congratulate Katrina on completing the Nursing Unit Clerk program! It’s been a hard few months, but she has done well and we wish her the best of luck on the next chapter of her career and life.

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