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Hi fellow Stenberg Students/ Prospective Students,

The class of NUC 0514 officially has one unit left until the end of school. Our last unit will bring us to Christmas break and then after that it will just be our two practicum’s. I personally could not be more excited for that! We have just finished Surgical Order Transcriptions. It was three weeks of hard work but I am happy to say that I did very well on my exam (again, hard work pays off… and it doesn’t hurt when your teacher gives a great review night).

The week after our exam also gave us a break to work of our resumes as well as cover letters for when we start looking for jobs. Stenberg sets up a fake interview as well as some help for making the perfect resume. I found this very helpful because I am useless at making a resume and I have actually never made a cover letter prior to the course. The idea of writing a resume makes me sick to my stomach so it was nice to have a professional guide you through the process. The mock interviews were also a great deal of pressure taken off. This was a nice look into what to expect for after practicum, or even on practicum if we are offered a position.

Speaking of practicum, I cannot tell at this point if I am more nervous or excited. We still have absolutely no idea at where would could be placed! Just a heads up to prospective students… this is a warning that you will have no idea where you will be placed until maybe two weeks before your practicum starts. I’m not so worried about what unit I will be placed in, more as to what hospital I will get. Practicum is a great way to get noticed and have your foot in the door, so if you receive a practicum where you would like to end up working it can be really beneficial if you really impress.

So our FINAL unit is Diagnostic Order Transcriptions (or DOT’s). I am looking forward to this unit if it is anything like Surgical Order Transcriptions. SOT’s compared to MOT’s (Medical Order Transcriptions) was a lot easier. SOT it was more memorization of what to do with the order of doing things and what is associated with it rather than writing heaps of medications on a Medication Administration Record. I visited home this weekend only for my dad to have a kidney stone in the hospital. It was neat being able to recognize all of the drugs being transcribed and the different requisitions. I got excited knowing that I will have something in the process of helping others even if I am not directly prescribing medications or giving them, it is still cool to see it all put together. Well, the next blog I will be writing will be pre-holidays and post-final-exam!

Wish us good luck,

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