The End of The Beginning- Nursing Unit Clerk

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The End of the Beginning

I am finally done! This is so exciting. I made it through both practicums and a very tough program. I am proud of each and every one of my classmates. Although it was tough, we did it. I learned so much in class and from the various different staff   at Stenberg as well. The different campus activities were so much fun and I got to meet so many different people.

However, as much as I will miss Stenberg it feels so great to be done! I received my diploma in the mail and it made everything feel so official! In the end I earned straight A’s, which felt amazing to see. I am now officially a unit clerk.

The next step is finding a job, and I know exactly where I would like to work. The last unit that I did my practicum with was amazing so I would love to get hired there. I have already spoken to the manager of that unit so fingers crossed! The plan is to try and get a job there but I am also applying everywhere else I can. The main goal is just to get my foot in the door and see where things go from there.

After practicum ended, my cohort had an end of program celebration, and it was so nice to see everyone again! There was cake, food, drinks and we were able to chat and share our practicum experiences. There was also a Fraser Health representative that came in to speak with us about how to apply and get a job. It was very informative and I am glad she was there because it helped guide us on how to make our health authority profiles and what they look for in employees. We also found out when our graduation ceremony will be and I am so excited! It is going to be on April 29, 2016 and I am looking forward to wearing a cap and gown and seeing everybody again.

Looking Back

The last 10 months at Stenberg were exciting and such a positive experience. I am so glad I chose to go there. From all the laughs we had in class to the late nights I spent studying, it was all great. I learned so much and feel like I have grown tremendously. I am so thankful that we had Wendy Scott as our instructor. She was so great and I will definitely miss her as well as all my classmates!

I was able to experience so many different things while at Stenberg. We got to trick or treat on Halloween on campus, had a door decorating contest and two movie nights, did a construction challenge (which my cohort won), and I got to participate in Stenberg’s booth at the West Coast Women’s trade show.

Moving Forward

I really enjoyed writing for the school blog as well as sharing my time and experiences at Stenberg with everyone. It’s been great, but now I get to experience a new chapter in my life.

Farewell and thanks for reading!

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