Helping Stenberg College at the West Coast Women’s Show

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On October 16 and 17 I had the pleasure of working at the West Coast Women’s show in Abbotsford as a Stenberg College representative. It was the first trade show that I had ever been to! The environment was intriguing and totally different than what I had been expecting. It was a paid opportunity, and I worked 5 hours each day. At the trade show, Stenberg had a booth which was offering free fortune telling (which was so popular!) There was a palm reader and a tarot card reader. Since it was complimentary, there were so many women who wanted to get their fortune told. The booth also had a little candy bar with gummy candies, chocolate covered almonds, and fortune cookies. The Stenberg booth was located in the Home and Healthcare section of the trade show. A few of the other booths also offered some sort of fortune telling, but they all charged from 15-30 dollars. I got to work with a fellow classmate (who also happens to be my best friend) on the first day. We got to meet and work with a few of the Stenberg College marketing representatives (I also worked with them on the second day). They were extremely approachable, friendly and I really enjoyed working with them.

My job at the trade show was to help schedule appointments for each fortune teller and also to get the word out about Stenberg College. Many people have not heard of it before, so the trade show was a great opportunity to let people know just what Stenberg is all about and all the great things the college has to offer. It was very interesting to talk to all the different people and to tell them about the different programs that stenberg offers and what I am currently taking. There were also many people who had taken a program at Stenberg, or knew somebody who had. I also met a few women who were unit clerks, and it was very exciting to talk to them and hear about where they work and how they like it. Everybody I spoke to was very friendly and interesting to speak with. There were many local Abbotsford residents, but also a lot of people who came from around BC just for the trade show.

The different booths were offering different samples, brochures, and draws to enter for prizes. It was a fun welcoming environment which I am glad I got to experience. I enjoyed representing Stenberg and expressing myself and my opinion of the college. I also got to walk around the trade show for free before, during and after my shifts which was definitely a perk! Plus, I got to get my palm read which was not only entertaining but eerily accurate! Everybody who got their palm read absolutely loved the palm reader, myself included. I am very grateful that I got the opportunity to work at the trade show, and hope there are other chances that I get to represent Stenberg! It was a good experience for me to be more outgoing, meet people and gain some experience.

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