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Hi readers,

For this blog I wanted to catch everyone up with what we have been going through so far. This unit was all about medical transcriptions.  From now until graduation it is all about transcriptions! For each unit there will be two exams. Each exam has a theory portion and and physician’s order portion. For medical order transcriptions we had to master what we already know as well as bring in new information. I actually really enjoyed this unit. It wasn’t too hard, but it was definitely still a challenge. The exams were a lot harder than I had expected, but I am happy to say that our entire class still managed to pass. From now until the end of the year we have a new teacher Kami. She has made a great transition to teaching our class. Like every other teacher she has different teaching skills. It is great having a teacher who is currently in the position we are training to be. All of us feel a lot more comfortable asking her questions as well because she also has experience in monitoring past Stenberg students practicums, so we know exactly what and what not to do while on practicum.

Back to medical transcriptions. Essentially medical transcriptions is the process of us (the nursing unit coordinator) receiving a physicians order (also known as a PO) and us transcribing it on to the Medical Administration Record (referred to as a MAR) and the Kardex. This unit took us back to pharmacology, medical terminology, and pretty well everything we have learned up to and including this point. The biggest learning curve was learning when and when not to RN Aware, which is notifying the nurse of anything you think she or he should know about: setting up an IV, patient allergies, medication administration times, etc… 

Now we have entered lab transcriptions. We are just over a week into it and by far this is the hardest unit we have had yet! Every single day is a full lesson. We also have a lot more sheets to fill out regarding the physicians order. Instead of just filling out the Kardex and the Medication Administration Record, we are now filling out lab requisitions, daily blood work cards, and specimen orders. 

On the bright side, we are now on to our second to last unit until graduation and I can eagerly say that we as a class only have four more exams (not including our final exam). I am so excited. Within a couple months we will find out where we will be placed on practicum as well, which I am so interested in hearing.

This weekend I also get to head home to see my family for the first time in months for the long weekend. Unfortunately, we have our first lab order transcription exam on the following day so I will not get to do as much visiting as I would normally hope to.
I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving this weekend whatever your plans may be (studying, working, partying, hanging out with family…) And I hope we all get stuffed with pumpkin pie and turkey (gobble gobble).

I am thankful to have three full days off school 😉

Until next time, 

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