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Hi everyone,

I hope you all have had a fantastic winter break with you family and loved ones and happy New Year. I know it has been a delay since my last blog but it has been so crazy busy.Since I last wrote we have all finished our final exams. I am happy to say that our whole class will be moving on to practicum. Just to catch you up, the last unit we did was diagnostic order transcriptions. It wasn’t easy but luckily it was a little lighter than lab order transcriptions. It was a little heavier on remembering the process of how to do things and different procedures. Do not skim over those… because just a hint, they are on the test. This was also a really interesting unit because I think most of us have had a variety of diagnostic tests done on us so it was cool to see all the prep and papers that go into it. Along with the exams we had to do a project on one of the diagnostic procedures. For me a decided to do a Barium Swallow because I had to have it done growing up because of my acid reflux.

Moving on to practicum, the most exciting part! Although I did not get the sites I had wanted, I was lucky to get one of them only a half an hour drive away for my first practicum… the other being an hour away. The thing us students have to remember when getting places, is that it is hard enough finding someone to take a student to shadow them for three weeks so the options are already limited as to where they can place you. Laura (Student Placement Administrator) does a great job and I think everyone either got a unit they wanted or a hospital they were interested in. For me, I got psychiatric and post-partum. Both of them were places I hadn’t even thought about going to so after a bit of research I was actually quite excited. Although I was hoping for chemotherapy or a surgical unit, I understand that we get what we get and have to make the best of it.

These placements are pretty much three week interviews, so it is important to be on your best behavior not just for the sake of passing. I really hope to get hired from one of my practicums even if it is just casual to begin with so that at least I can start looking at the internal postings. I am confident that everyone in our class will do a stellar job and hopefully with all the training we have done, both at school and within our practicum sites, we will be all successful in finding ourselves jobs after grad.

The next blog I will be writing I will be in the middle of my first practicum – psychiatric. I wish all of you the best in 2015 and hope my next blog will be all good news!

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