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For this blog I wanted to catch everyone up on what we have been going through so far in the Nursing Unit Clerk course and what to expect. We are just over two months into the program and starting to get into a routine. This course is flying by so far. We have already written two exams for the Medical Terminology unit and will be writing our final at the end of the month. We have now finished our orientation which included getting our typing up to speed and how to properly use computers. Orientation was pretty easy for me, being one of the younger students in the group and growing up working with computers. Some of the other students had difficulties, but by the end of the unit we were all pros! Working right now has made studying quite difficult. I recommend not working full time and getting the week of your exam off so that you are able to really take the time to study and go over the material. Being a night class also makes it harder too because the brain isn’t always wanting to function at full capacity at the end of the day. Luckily, I have a great group of class mates who are able to keep the class going and energized. Our teachers are also what make the class fun, winning candy while playing memorization games is sometimes just the motivation we need!

Medical Terminology pretty much feels like learning a whole new language. There is a LOT of memorization. However if you learn how to break up the words and really simplify things it is doable. It helps if you are able to relate the terms to stuff you already know too and build upon that. Flash cards can help but they sure do stack up high so it is best just to make sure you are reading your chapters every night to stay on top of the curriculum. And I mean EVERY night. I am looking forward to the communications unit because I hear it is a bit of a break before starting pharmacology, which is another memorization unit.

In this course you definitely can’t say that you are bored because there is always something new to learn. The hardest part is sitting down and studying and trying to make it all stick in your head. Fingers crossed that my final goes as well as my first two midterms have gone.

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