Putting it into Practice Pt. 2

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We want to congratulate Katrina on completing the Nursing Unit Clerk program! It’s been a hard few months, but she has done well and we wish her the best of luck on the next chapter of her career and life. She leaves us with a few of her journal entries from her practicum placements – where she got to experience first-hand what life is like as a NUC:

Practicum #1

Day 1

Practicum Placement # 2: Emergency (Psychiatry) Preceptor: Leona 
All I have to say is WOW. Having being placed in emergency (especially in the downtown area) was extremely nerve racking for me. I truly didn’t have the self-confidence I needed when I first found out I was placed here. Due to my hours being Monday – Friday, I completely forgot I had to write journals! My mind was literally wrapped around working that I forgot I was still in school!
My first week was good! Coming from the Surgical ward to Emergency was a dramatic change for me, but I was more than willing to learn all that I needed to because my mind-set was “the more experience, the better”. I was one of the lucky students that scored a busy-fast-paced unit for both placements. Emergency is a difference type of “fast-paced” I have to say, because in a ward you have your “STATS” and “ASAP”, go around to all the Wallaroo’s checking all flagged orders, kardexing, and of course all your Post-op orders. In emergency we do not kardex, orders and especially long admission order are not flagged for us, they are given to us directly or put in the UC Basket. We print out (most frequently) chart packs for admitting patients, Medication Administration Records (MAR), SBARS, and Medication Reconciliation Records for patients who are referred in the waiting room for future admissions; only to name a few.
Just like my previous placement, I learned that there will always be “those people” meaning you will always have that one colleague who is rude, or abrupt, or is just simply mean. I have learned that in certain circumstances that it’s okay and never to sink to their level. My mom always tells me “Even if they’re mean and grumpy, don’t become them out of spite; win them over so you can show them that you are better than letting someone tell you who you are and affect you when you know what you are capable of.”
I came into the unit with a clear conscience and an open mind. I met my preceptor Leona and was thankful that I had only one preceptor for the duration of my practicum. Throughout the three weeks I’ve been here in emergency I have learned that Leona is an extremely hard worker. Her energy is motivating and inspiring. She constantly encouraged me of individuality, and assured me I was doing just fine. I have learned a lot about my work ethic being with Leona here in the Emergency Department. I have learned that I should really believe in my abilities and not shy away from what I know I am capable of. Leona has showed me the ropes and courses of a true Unit Coordinator, and has given me great realization of the huge roles Unit Coordinators serve in the Health Care field. Due to Leona’s constant motivation and encouragement I am leaving the Emergency Department with confidence, inspiration, and motivation to exceed in all areas in the position of a Unit Coordinator.

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