Readjusting Priorities

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Hi everyone,

For this entry I was given the option to choose my own topic, so I thought “if I could go back in time and tell myself one thing about the program what would it be?” That is easy. Make this course your number one priority. I have worked full-time since I was fourteen and on top of that gone to school, while also having a social life and still maintaining great grades. So for me, the thought of not working was never an option. I have been working this whole time I have been going to school and I have to say it wasn’t exactly my brightest idea.

The thing is, here at Stenberg you aren’t simply taking courses to build a degree, no no. We are building a career, and therefore that requires a lot of time and concentration. These are skills we will be using on the job and in our practicum, which means we must master what we are taught. These past couple months I have been working non-stop so it is no wonder why I have been starting to struggle a bit in school. Medical Order Transcription I managed to pull off and actually do quite well in, despite working so much, but with Lab Order Transcriptions… not so much. I had worked full time that week before school every day, and then I also decided to go home for the Thanksgiving weekend (which is six hours of travel one way for me). Somehow I managed to think that despite my lack of studying, I would be able to pull of a good mark on our first LOT exam with the help of review night. WRONG. I went into that exam with confidence and came out wondering when we had learned half the content. I was unprepared and here at Stenberg anything below 70 % is a fail. Want to know what I got? 70%. Right on the dot. Not only was I dissapointed in myself, but so was my teacher. I had no one to blame but myself. So now, I am going to write my second exam for LOT in a week and I will not have that happen again. I told my work that I have to cut my hours in half or else I would quit.

In the grand scheme of things, this course will pay off more than any minimum wage job will. I really hope that anyone who is reading this right now and is struggling in school because they don’t have enough time to study takes this seriously. Remember, I have always had an easy time with school, but this is different. It is okay to admit that we have too much on our plate, but it is important to take care of it now before it is too late!

Take it from me, this is your future. Do not make the same mistake I did with putting your job before your career.

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