Why Choose a Career as a Nursing Unit Clerk?

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A nursing unit clerk has opportunities that are rare in other professions. The benefits which they receive are not easily measured, nor are they limited to paychecks and employer’s benefit packages.

Male And Female Nurse Working At Nurses Station

When walking up to any nursing station, the nursing unit clerk is often the first person we see, right in the middle of the action. These employees act as the link between doctors, nurses and patients to ensure everything is transmitted clearly and put in its proper place. But of course, these are only a few of the many important tasks handled by a nursing unit clerk in a typical work day. Read on to find out some of the most rewarding aspects of pursuing a career as a nursing unit clerk.

Job Security

Nursing unit clerks are an integral component of the healthcare system. Whether they’re at the helm of a nursing station in a hospital, private clinic or long-term care facility, professionals in this position enjoy a great deal of job security.

In any healthcare setting, these professionals perform a number of important tasks such as:

  • Processing physicians’ orders for all patient care, such as medication, activity, therapy, nutrition, social work, and home care
  • Copying information, such as patient’s temperature, pulse rate, and blood pressure from nurses’ records onto patient’s medical records
  • Ordering and maintaining office equipment inventory
  • Coordinating patient admissions, transfers, and discharges
  • Answering & transferring calls as well as directing visitors to patients rooms
  • Managing timesheets and keeping record of absences and hours worked by unit personnel

Nursing unit clerk gracefully perform all of these duties and more, making them a crucial asset to any healthcare setting. Canada’s aging population and the increased need for healthcare services, also guarantees that nursing unit clerks will remain in demand for many years to come.

Personal Fulfillment

Regardless of the healthcare setting, nursing unit clerks make a difference in the lives of not only the patients, but also the physicians and nurses they work with.

There are several different fields in nursing and medicine, which means that nursing unit clerk graduates can choose which field is personally most interesting and rewarding for them to work in.

That being said, no matter where a nursing unit clerk works, it is certain that each day will bring new challenges, which means a demanding but always exciting work day.

Flexible Schedules

Not everyone wants to (or is able to) work the standard 9-5 shift. A variety of workplace options means in most cases, earning a nursing unit clerk diploma can put you in a career where you can craft your schedule to fit your life.

While working in a hospital, for example, schedules include morning, evening or overnight shifts. The benefit of this is that if a nursing unit clerk needs to change their schedule due to an outside commitment, like family, employees can often easily trade shifts.

For those who prefer more traditional work hours instead, these types of schedules can be found in private clinics and physician’s offices.

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