Why I Chose the NUC Program at Stenberg

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When searching for a Nursing Unit Clerk program it can be a little overwhelming. It seems like every school has one and wants you to apply to theirs. It can be daunting and hard to narrow it down to a few, let alone just one! So when I begun to look at schools I was picky. Walking into Stenberg is like walking into your friend’s house. It may be small, but that is what attracted me here. When I came to Stenberg to meet with an Advisor I was welcomed with a warm smile and could tell everyone who worked here knew each other. I had recently gone to a large University on Vancouver Island and knew that bigger wasn’t necessarily always better. So to go from a class of over 100 people to a class of twelve it was oddly comforting. Within the first day my classmates and I all knew each other’s names and what brought us all on the same journey – to become Nursing Unit Clerks.

What brought me to this program seemed to be what brought all of us to the program – we were all calm and compassionate people. It is said that working as a Nursing Unit Clerk is similar to working in the middle of a storm… For most people this can come across as terrifying – but for me it’s exhilarating. My family members have always told me that I should work for the hospital because of my ability to remain composed and reliable when it comes to crisis. I figure I probably gained this attribute growing up with a dad who is an RCMP officer. Although I enjoy my current job, at the end of a work day I feel like I don’t get any sense of accomplishment. I love the idea of working in a hospital and being able to help people every day and make a difference in their lives. I think what really made my decision final for choosing the Nursing Unit Clerk program over other programs was how accountable they had to be. Another reason why I was excited about working in a hospital is that everyone has to work as a team. Medical staff all have different duties and yet all are able to work together and save the day. There are so many behind the scenes people that we may never see, but keep everything moving so that patients can come in and get their treatments in the most timely matter possible.

Currently being in the medical terminology section of our course, it is hard to believe that at the end of this course we will be using these terms fluently. Right now everything is new and overwhelming, but it is exactly what we had all signed up for! Thinking ahead to my practicum in January is both terrifying and exciting, but I know at the rate our classes are going now, we will all be ready for the challenge.

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