Why I Chose the Nursing Unit Clerk Program

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I graduated from high school in 2012, and went straight to college the following September and thus began what would be the next 3 years of my life. Working part-time while going to school full time. I decided to major in Psychology and eventually want to get a PhD in counselling psychology. I realized that it would take a lot of time and money to achieve that goal, and it was time to get a job that would help me better support myself and make my dream come true. I began looking into short programs that would help me get a job in a medical field and gain a lot of experience, while continuing to go to school. That is when I came across the Nursing Unit Clerk Program.

Nurses, Doctors, Surgeons and social workers are all very well known. However, many people are not familiar with Nursing Unit Clerks or what they do. Nursing Unit Clerks perform the non-clinical tasks of their department and are responsible for coordinating the various tasks and activities in the unit. They are the first people visitors, patients and patient’s family members communicate with when first entering the nursing unit. Nursing Unit Clerks are a key component of hospitals, and have many different responsibilities.

I chose the Nursing Unit Clerk program because I already have some experience working in a medical field. I currently work in an optometry clinic, which requires me to do many of the tasks I will have to do as a NUC. Another reason I chose the program is because it seems like a rewarding career. You not only get to help patients and their families, but are assisting Doctors, Nurses and other hospital staff members. I look forward to the experience I will gain as a Nursing Unit Clerk which I can apply to my future career. I looked in to various different schools that offered the program, and Stenberg definitely caught my eye. I had heard many good things about Stenberg from previous grads, and my mom also took a program at Stenberg a few years prior to when I decided to apply. Upon visiting the school, I immediately knew it was where I wanted to go. Although it was pricier than my other options, I liked that it was small and cozy, everybody was very friendly, and the campus is close to home. Another great thing about taking this program at Stenberg college is that we get to do one class (or module) at a time and can focus completely on that. At other colleges you have to take different classes at the same time and that can become very stressful.

So far I am really enjoying the program. It is difficult but worth it. It is already 5 months in to the program and I feel like I have learned so much. Everything we have learned so far is very interesting. Medical Terminology, Anatomy and Physiology, Communications, Pharmacology are all so intriguing and there is so much you can learn about working in the hospital, the medical field and with patients. I am very happy with my class, the instructors I’ve had, and the staff. I am very excited for practicum and to apply everything I have learned and will learn. It will be interesting working so closely with different doctors, nurses’ and other hospital personnel. Everyday in the hospital will bring something new and I know I will continue learning even on the job.

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