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My name is Nelofar (or Nelly). I am 25 years old and am currently taking the Practical Nursing program at Stenberg College. I am a mother of two and currently reside in Mission and I take public transport all the way to Surrey. The reason I chose nursing is because I want to help people. I am from a war torn country (Afghanistan) and as a nurse I would like to go back and help individuals in need. My main priority is to go back once a year and hopefully teach the girls and mothers about health and how to take care of a person who is need. I would like to help especially mothers of newborns or educate families on health. As an LPN I would also love to work in public health care and maybe help educate children in schools. I want to further my practice and hopefully become a Registered Nurse (RN) and pursue my education even further and specialize in the field of maternity and or surgery.

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