My Instructors in the Practical Nursing Program

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The teachers at Stenberg College have really helped me and everyone in my class get this far into the program. Without their help and support we would not be where we are right now. In the first semester we had different teachers for every class. They all had different routines and different rules and were all different types of nurses. It was helpful knowing that the school employs nurses still working to teach us, as they know the way all the health authorities work and what their “best practice” is.

Being in third semester now we have only 2 different teachers for all our classes. This is beneficial to us because both the teachers are wonderful and are really good at teaching and helping us learn the most we can. I have become accustomed to their teaching styles and grading which has made it easier for me to do assignments and tests as I get less anxiety.  Every class they come and tell us stories from work they had the day before. It makes me really excited to hear, as that will be me in a few months.

My favorite class is lab. This is here we learn all our skills and get to do hands on learning. The teacher who teacher this class also teachers our Integrated Nursing Practice class, which is all about nursing skills and applying them to real life.  She is a real engaging instructor and comes around the lab watching us and assessing us doing our skills. Its nice because 2 teachers teach the lab classes and the class is split up into 2 sections. This way there are only about 14 of us in each class and 2 teachers, which means 1 teacher to 7 students. This really is helpful because people usually have lots of questions in lab, and they can come around and answer them for us. The teachers also will watch us practice our skills and are always walking around assessing us to see what we can work on.

Our teachers for clinical we usually meet on practicum prep day. For second semester clinical our instructor was working and couldn’t attend, so we met him on the first day at Peace Arch Hospital. Clinical instructors are also currently working nurses LPNs or RNs and are really good at teaching us on the units. My last instructor was a male, which was a nice change for once as all my nursing teachers are all female. He was very smart and took the time on clinical to sit down and personally teach us charting, injections and medication administration. Learning things in lab such as giving meds, or giving injections is very different than doing it in real life and on real patients. He was there helping us and mentoring us and giving us tips and tricks that he uses every day on the job.

Overall the teachers at Stenberg are awesome and really care about the students education and success. At the end of every class there is an instructor assessment that is anonymous and online so you can share your concerns about any teachers with the college if you feel they aren’t doing a great job.  With only 1 semester left and having all great teachers so far there aren’t really any concerns for my last semester’s learning.

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