Why Practical Nursing?

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As a child I have always wanted to work in the Health Care field. Growing up I have always and still am the person that people trust and go to in time of need. LPN is just a stepping stone for me. I decided to go to Stenberg five years ago for the LPN program, but situations arose such that I became a mother of two kids, which set back my education. Now I have put everything aside and my priority is to finish the LPN program.

Once I finish this program, I would like to work for a year or two and then bridge into the RN program at Langara or Kwantlen, and once I am finished that continue my education further in areas of maternity and neonatal care. Nursing to me is a field that will never die. This world needs individuals who care for the young and the old, for people of different races and cultures without discriminating or judging and nursing gives that opportunity.

My biggest dream in which I would like to fulfill is go to third world countries and volunteer my time. I am from Afghanistan and was raised here. Given the opportunity to fulfill my education and give back to people in need is a feeling in which I can’t describe. I would like to teach individuals, especially women on the proper way to take care of their family when they are hurt or have a disability. Some third world countries do not give women the respect they deserve. As a nurse I want to go there and teach them the proper techniques of first aid and try to help them understand that have the power to change the world as well, even if they are females.

Growing up my parents wanted me to become a doctor, I could of if I put my mind to it, but becoming a physician isn’t the right choice for me. To me physicians care for their patients, but do not have the relationship with the clients that could be therapeutic for them. They just diagnose the disease and give prescriptions. Nursing in itself is full of relationships. You as a nurse not only get to help individuals and take care of them, but each day when you leave to go home, you take a new experience and a new memory home with you. Clients that you care for will always be a part of your life whether you spend time with them for a day or for a couple of years.

Nursing is a career that no matter where you are in the world will always be in dire need. The therapeutic relationship you will have with your client and the changes you will see in your client for the better gives me a sense of accomplishment and pride, knowing that I have made a difference in someone’s life for the better.

Out of all the schools, the reason I chose Stenberg is because it is well known in the health care industry. The dedication of the teachers to the students is phenomenal and the environment itself is like a family. Compared to other schools Stenberg is a school which makes sure its students pass not only with academics, but also with experience and skills. We recently did a practicum at a residential and the experience was great. I was prepared well enough to take care of residents by myself by the second week of me being there. Walking in was a little nervous, but as the week progressed, felt so confident because of all the practice and skill we were taught by our instructor during lab. I have known of students who have gone to other educational institutes and felt unprepared. Stenberg makes sure its students well equipped to go to the outside working world.

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