The lesson I learned during the registration course

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I was very excited with the registration services course because this course was only for the Hospital Support Specialist program meaning that the rest of my classmates and I passed the Medical Office Assistant courses. I am very happy that all of us made it to the next level of the program.

My first day I was very curious about what we were going to do (I think this is typical of me). We have been told that most of the teaching will be held in the hospital laboratory and I was very excited about it. I didn’t even expect to be in the hospital right away. I felt like I was going to my practicum already and afraid that I wasn’t ready for it.

During my first week, I felt that I missed my old routine. I got used to going to school everyday for 6 months and going to same room for 6 months in a row and suddenly it just changed. I’m sad to be leaving my old routine but I was thinking that I am not here forever and everybody needs to move on. All people who came to this school come and go as they are just passing through. Plus, all of the students including myself are here for one reason and that is to learn and to build a foundation to find a career. I think this is a normal feeling especially if a person is emotional like me.

After 1 month of taking this course, we have only been back at the school a few times to do our theory discussion and most of the time was spent in the hospital lab to do the actual work that we discussed in the classroom. Learning the software was very interesting. The step by step actual learning is very helpful. We have been taught how the different departments in the hospital are connected. We learned how to enter patient’s data and the importance of accurately entering the patient’s information. Of course we reviewed how to maintain patient confidentiality during data entry as well. We also learned to generate reports, the difference between admission and registration, where to put the patient according to the patient’s needs, booking a patient in advance, extended health care, how to discharge patients, learning the triage levels and hospital codes. When the patients pass we need to apply our knowledge of referring patients to the correct department, like the morgue. We also did a practice interview with each other in the lab to help us experience what it is like in the actual registration field.

Also, I noticed that having knowledge of medical terminology is very helpful for passing this course. There are lots of medical abbreviations and medical words, so it is very useful to keep your medical terminology book handy for your resources.

In my opinion this course gives us an idea of what we are going to do in the practicum. That is why a better understanding of what you are doing is very important in this class because this course is one of the courses that will help you during your practicum. I can say that this course is easier than the courses we have had during Medical Office Assistant curriculum. However, I feel that I didn’t do much better than before in terms of exams. I think this is because I didn’t put lot of effort this time in terms of studying. I was thinking that I can do it with less effort and studying but I was wrong! honestly, this is my very first time in my 7 months in this program that I went to an exam not knowing everything and got stuck on some questions that I have never read before . I was very disappointed in myself. From this time forward I will keep in mind that even if the course is easy, it doesn’t mean that I should not give it my full effort. It’s a lesson for me to remember and I would like to share this experience to let everybody know that you should always try and do your best no matter how easy the course appears to be. You should still try to make an effort to study and read your notes before you take your exams and make sure you ask for any clarifications in case there is anything that is unclear to you. Even though you think you know everything, it is still good to read and review before you take your exams. That’s a lesson that I had in taking this course!

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