My path to Therapeutic Recreation and the journey so far….

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I am Satu and I am a proud THR student at Stenberg College. I immigrated from Finland 27 years ago and  have made Vancouver my home.

For 10 years, I worked as a stills photographer in the Film Industry. I left that Industry to find more meaningful work where I could help others in the community. I employed the services of a business, life and spiritual coach that helped me and guided me to find new career opportunities. Through the intensive workshop I discovered advantageous transferable skills and talents that are a valuable complement for a Therapeutic Recreational and community programs career.
Recreational Therapist work comes to me naturally. Helping people with their lives is my true natural passion and a grand part of  my life’s journey.

How did my journey find the path to Stenberg College?

In fall 2013, I attended an orientation day for the THR program at Douglas College. They had a great curriculum for the THR program. The 2013 semester was already full so I applied for the 2014 semester – that meant I would graduate in 2016! It was pretty much the only College I was aware of that offered a competent THR program in BC. I was very surprised that BC didn’t have anything else available because the aging population is expanding and care homes are popping out like mushrooms in the forest.

One day I went to my weekly visit to an 89 year old lady. She has no family in Canada and lives alone. To get to her place I take Sky Train. On the Sky Train, I opened my book and started to read  a Swedish novel “100 year old man who climbed out the window and disappeared.” I tried to read it but my mind was occupied with education and school choices. I grabbed the Metro News and scanned through the paper, not forgetting to read my “Future” horoscope. At the bottom of the page was an advertisement for a THR Program online at Stenberg College. I was so happy when I found that Stenberg College offered a THR Program for 2013. At first, I was skeptical about an online learning environment and course quality and ethics of private schools. I have heard few nightmare stories about private colleges with poor curriculum and teaching skills.

When I met my Advisor, Ashley, at Stenberg College – I felt confident about the College. She was very professional and to the point about the course information. At this point, I was comfortable with the idea of online learning and wanted to attend to the program. After two months of studying at Stenberg I got call to work full time. This confirmed to me that Therapeutic Recreation employment is very much in demand and there are jobs available.

The THR Program at Stenberg has been more than I expected.

The online program is intensive and offers incredibly informative and appropriate curriculum. The very best about the online studies is the support and help that is available almost 24/7. You don’t get stuck and alone with possible technology problems or any questions you have about the curriculum. You also get all your classmates  to support and assist you. The online teamwork is well prepared, teachers are incredibly helpful and professional with great knowledge about the Industry.

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