Therapeutic Rec is an exciting and captivating career!

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A Recreational Therapist Professional is NOT just a person who cooks up some exercise activity programs for older adults. It is a profession with a full and diverse range of activities that entails complete health promotion and a quality lifestyle for Older Adults and also for you as a Therapeutic Rec (TR) Professional.

Today, older adults are more versatile, and more than ever – they wish to maintain their independence and freedom.  Older adults are yearning for more diversity in their activities with a holistic approach in mind.  Activities such as meditation, storytelling, music, art therapy, Zumba classes, Yoga and theatre have broad appeal. The leisure activities are unlimited. What talent, skills and ideas can you bring to TR programming? Creativity is boundless!  Can you imagine how you can adapt all the leisure activities that you are already involved in and enjoy them while you work?  Impressive!

As an example, I work as a Recreational Aide on a part-time basis in a Coquitlam Assisted Living facility while I am studying at Stenberg.  At this Assisted Living, I teach the Osteofitness class.  At the end of the session I have added a visualization meditation.  I meditate and practice Yoga myself and I wanted to share some of my skills. Also, I have informed my class of the importance of water intake, nutrition and enzyme systems.  I can add my knowledge and skills to the sessions and slowly build my own interventions and programs.

When I signed up for THR Program I was not expecting to have such a comprehensive and earnestly put together curriculum and depth of the educational components.
The TR Profession is MORE than just creating fun programs. You need to be able to assess, plan, implement and evaluate all the programs and design specific programs for your clients. You will learn to write the Goals and Objectives and be accountable for the programming. You will discover your own personal growth, strengths and weaknesses. You also gain knowledge and skills for assistance in the emotional aspects with an older adult.  These examples are just a very few what you will be learning on THR online Program.

Once you have finished the intriguing THR Program you may still feel that the Career is not for you. It is OK.  You have gained an incredible amount of knowledge and life skills to take with you to your next path.  However, once you are enrolled in program and have a chance to volunteer or work in the field of Recreation Therapy you will find to be so rewarding!!!

I cannot wait to have a full time position in my future profession. There is so much to look forward to with a TR Professional Career.  Every single day is invigorating and different.  To give back to Community is very rewarding and empowering!

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