Two Week Bootcamp

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It was such a thrill to meet my classmates again for two weeks. In the last nine months I have connected with them only by online discussion forums. Through the online I have learned so much about my classmates. We shared our weaknesses, strengths, fears, happiness, sadness and pet peeves.
When I walked into classroom at Stenberg and saw all my lovely classmates it was like meeting an old good friend after a long time. I think our Therapeutic Rec (TR) Group rocks!!!!. We are so supportive and caring to each other.

What was the outcome of two week bootcamp?
Total emotional exhaustion and information overload!
Knowledge, creativity, new innovative ideas, hands-on experience, wisdom and  a pile of valuable certifications towards to a rewarding Career and wonderful friendships.

Being on campus for two weeks was blast because I was able to see my peers and meet some of my teachers.  However, it was a looong two weeks! It was hard to stay focused 8 hours a day for 6 days in a row. Especially, when almost every day we were doing a new workshop for a specific certification. There was a  lot of  brand new information and introductions to new topics. It was hard to get used to because when you study online you have your own timeline and you can split the day. Somehow, we managed to get through it. Our group has a great sense of humor and we supported each and other when there were heated moments.

At the two week bootcamp we accomplished several certifications: Violent prevention, Foodsafe, Volunteer Management, Body Mechanics, and Gentle Persuasive Approach.
On top of that we had our THR program running through one week. I must say that THR program having in a class was fun. We could not have a better teacher for the classroom setting. She was so professional and had a great sense of humor and big heart and was very encouraging. Because of her I was able to cope with the workload. She created  some great hands-on experiences and tasks.

I really enjoyed our guest speakers that came to Campus. They were such wonderful highlights of the day. We had a chance to meet an Art  Therapist, Music Therapist,  Laughter Yoga teacher and Educator who demonstrated  successfully about people living with dementia. She spoke truly passionately about people with Dementia. She inspired me to seek and research more information.

One more course to go…… 🙂

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