Top 5 Benefits of Becoming a Nurse

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An aging population means more healthcare professionals and graduates from nursing programs in BC will be needed to fill both general and specialized nursing positions in Canada. Not only are there more senior citizens who require intensive healthcare, but aging professionals in the nursing industry are nearing retirement, meaning there is no better time than now for new professionals to secure a job in this field.

But a career in nursing comes with so much more than just job security. Nurses in B.C. especially, earn some of the highest wages in the country, meaning new graduates can guarantee a solid income along with a flexible career. Nurses also have the ability to join organizations such as the Canadian Nurses Association, where they can receive benefits such as discounts on speciality training certifications and access to online resources for continued nursing education.

Read on to find out what other benefits you’ll receive after you graduate from BC nursing schools and begin your career in healthcare.

Choice of Work Environment

Nursing is a wonderful career option for those who want to earn a stable income while not sacrificing their flexibility and family time. Careers in nursing are found all across the country, meaning that if you must relocate, or if you choose to live elsewhere, there will be no issues finding work.

The variety offered in a nursing career means that you can choose specifically what type of work you’ll be doing. Some people will train in practical nursing, while others may specialize in psychiatric nursing, or rehabilitation nursing.

Flexible Schedules

Most nursing environments offer very flexible schedules, meaning that nurses can choose to work full-time, part-time, days, evenings or nights. Shift lengths can also vary depending on the needs of the employee. This means that anyone working in a nursing career can easily balance life and work. This is especially important for nurses with families, or those who are taking additional certification and training courses alongside their job.

Fulfilling Career

Any professional nurse will agree that their career is both satisfying and brings them pride. Every day, nurses in our country help save lives, and also give comfort to those who are suffering from illnesses. Oftentimes when patients leave the hospital, they strongly remember the care they received from nurses there. Needless to say, nurses make a difference in the lives of thousands of patients who enter and exit the country’s hospitals every day.

Provide High Quality Care in State of the Art Facilities

Nurses have the opportunity to use some of the latest health care technology in hospitals today. This may include tech-based vein finders for taking blood samples, Smartphone drug databases, and telemedicine—distance communication between nurses, doctors and patients via robots and computers. Nursing training is also becoming more tech-based, with some colleges even offering entire training courses online.

Opportunity to Grow

Many people may not realize this, but nursing is a career with plenty of opportunity to grow and develop your healthcare skills. Every day is different in healthcare, and as a nurse moves to different areas of the hospital or health care centers, they will learn new skills which will help advance their position. Nurses who have been in healthcare for several years may have the opportunity to become a nurse manager, a specialist or even a teacher.

What do you think are the best benefits of becoming a nurse?

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  1. I like your point that wherever a nurse goes, he or she can find work. This would be especially useful for anyone who has a spouse with a job that requires frequent relocation. Other careers would be very difficult to work with when relocating.

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