Top 5 Reasons to Become a Medical Office Assistant

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It pays to work in healthcare administration! And not just financially—professionals in healthcare service careers love their jobs for a wide range of reasons including personal fulfillment, flexible scheduling, job security, and more. If you’re looking for a secure, rewarding career, consider the benefits of becoming a certified medical office assistant (MOA).

MOAs perform administrative tasks and basic medical duties, from bookkeeping and filing to measuring patients’ vital signs and giving injections alongside other medical professionals. They work in a wide variety of specialized clinics and offices, taking advantage of each unique benefit of the MOA career path.

Whether you are planning to enroll in medical office assistant courses, or you’ve recently started your program, read on for five reasons to consider this career.

A High Demand for Medical Office Assistants Means Job Security

MOAs are always needed to fulfill vital tasks in a variety of offices and clinics. But Canada’s aging Baby Boomer population has raised our nation’s demand for healthcare service professionals to new heights. As more and more individuals enter their golden years, industry insiders predict a rapid increase in geriatric health problems that require skilled, professional attention.

The Canadian Occupational Projection System (COPS) asserts that pursuing MOA training today can guarantee stable employment and income for years to come.

Medical Office Assistant Training is Quick and Effective

A good medical office assistant program can teach you the skills and attitudes consistent with modern healthcare administration industry expectations.

Once you have earned your diploma, you can immediately start your medical office assistant career and begin gaining experience—allowing you to earn salary raises and promotions at an earlier rate than peers who choose lengthier paths to certification.

Students in medical office assisting programs require only 32 weeks (including a practicum!) of training before joining the workforce as a certified MOA. This means you can begin your dream job in under a year.

Medical Office Assistants Have Flexible Schedules

Since medical office assistants can find work in a wide variety of workplaces, it’s easy for them to choose employment with scheduling that best suits their lifestyles. For example, many medical practices are open during typical business hours as well as on nights and weekends. This is particularly beneficial to those with children and family responsibilities.

Medical Office Assistants Earn Competitive Compensation

In less than a year of training, you can become eligible for a secure and well-paid career. The National Bureau of Labour Statistics estimates that an entry level MOA job—which graduates generally secure once they’ve earned their diploma—has a starting salary of $31,000. With experience these salaries rise, earning MOAs up to $44,575 per year at the height of their career.

That’s an average of $18.84 per hour, nearly double Canada’s average minimum wage ($10.20/hour). If you want to take your earnings to the next level, MOA training is truly a reliable investment.

Medical Office Assistants Find Personal Fulfillment

Once you begin your career, you will become part of a primary healthcare team. Along with the pride and prestige that comes with this role, you will also be able to exercise a broad skillset on a daily basis. By performing clinical duties, filing records, managing databases, scheduling appointments, recording patient data and more, you’re unlikely to become bored or apathetic.

Medical office assistants also interact with vulnerable patients from a diverse range of backgrounds. If you choose to become an MOA, you will build lasting relationships with regular patients, meet new people on a daily basis, and provide compassionate care to various members of your community.

With the right training, you can join the MOA field and start helping people achieve their very best health.

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