Top Reasons to Pursue a Public Business Accountant (PBA) Designation

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Considering a career in finance? Professional business accounting offers a wide range of personal and professional rewards, according to grads and experts working in the field today.

Public Business Accountants (PBAs) undergo specialized training to develop the accounting skills they need to become leaders in the finance industry. And many of today’s leading professionals have completed this training online in a matter of months.

If you’re interested in a professional business accounting career, this quick and effective training will teach you effective cost management, accounting, and technological methods used to support the small and medium-sized businesses that make up 50 per cent of Canada’s economy.

Accountant and Stenberg PBA grad Richard Howe discusses how the program set him up for career success.

Accountant Richard Howe discusses how a PBA program set him up for career success.

These businesses need skilled accounting professionals to manage their financial assets. Graduates and professionals say that by becoming a certified PBA you’ll fulfill that need, and reap the many benefits that come from this career.

Business Accountant Training Provides More Career Opportunities

Graduates of PBA programs know their chosen career path offers plenty of room for personal development and professional growth.

Some people, like professional accountant Richard Howe, enroll in PBA programs to boost their credentials after they’ve spent time working in finance. Howe says accounting training is essential for those who hope to advance in the finance field.

“If you’ve got a strong foundation in accounting, you can go anywhere,” says Howe.

And fellow PBA professional Karen Rempel agrees: “If you have the right skillset, the sky’s really the limit.”

PBA students can gain a variety of skills for both industry and public accounting practice, with expertise in accounts receivable, accounts payable, full-cycle accounting and more—granting them the ability to climb the managerial ladder up to its very top rung.

“There’s tremendous opportunity to advance,” says PBA professional Bryan Nordine. “You won’t find for example many CFOs in the industry without an accounting background. It’s just not going to happen.”

PBA Careers Have a High Earning Potential

A professional business accountant can earn competitive compensation in today’s commercial marketplace.

Instructors say that with an accounting technician certificate (which is earned after 12 Stenberg PBA courses), students can begin to earn $15 to $20 per hour in an entry-level placement. From there, after graduating from 20 courses and spending some time in the field, they can earn a mid-level PBA career with an average wage of $60,000 per year.

Those who progress to an upper management level or choose to start their own accounting business can receive even higher paychecks, earning anywhere from $90,000 to $140,000 per year.

A PBA’s wage rises with his or her experience. Stenberg graduates can begin to gain valuable career experience after just 12 to 14 months of study (up to three years earlier than their peers in university accounting programs) kick-starting a life of financially lucrative employment.

The Stenberg Professional Business Accountant Advantage

It’s Stenberg’s unique competency-based training program that prepares its students to hit the ground running. Students can learn at their own pace and master each skill before undertaking the next, giving them a solid grasp of the skills and knowledge needed in the modern accounting industry.

Balwinder Kaur advises accounting students against “wasting time” on one-off courses that don’t constitute a full PBA program. She endorses the comprehensive, competency-based PBA program at Stenberg because it can “give you the designation that matters much more.”

She refers to the PBA program’s guidance that helps students quickly find employment, and excel on a specialized membership exam for the Public Business Accountants’ Society of Canada. This membership “designation” is the industry stamp of approval employers are looking for.

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