Touching Hearts as a Cardiology Technologist

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Cardiology Technologists have an immense understanding of the most resilient and steadfast organ in the human anatomy, and learn to interpret its complex language of seemingly erratic lines – the electrocardiogram (ECG).

It’s through this language that the trained eye can spot clues, which empower us to unlock the mysteries of the heart with the intuition of Sherlock Holmes. As a Cardiology Technologist, you will witness the heart speak to you. Whether the heart coos jovially at birth, cries out desperately to you amidst a heart attack, or whispers quietly in its final moments, your expertise will undoubtedly make a difference in the lives of patients we live to serve.


Cardiology Technologists work closely with physicians and other health professionals to assess our patients for cardiac-related disease, fitness, and overall health. Our work has helped save the lives of many patients whom we have advocated the importance of preventative care to. Some Cardiology Technologists choose to specialize in areas that complement their interests in the vast world of cardiology. For instance, Cardiology Technologists may choose to specialize in pacemakers, where they assist surgeons in pacemaker implantations, and program pacemakers to parameters that will enhance the quality of life of their patients. Some of us may choose to specialize in the extensive world of Electrophysiology, where the use of cutting edge 3D-mapping technology allows them to uncover reasons behind abnormal heart rhythms with precision. Some even work with pharmaceutical companies, facilitate prominent medical research, or continue on to become physicians.

The rewarding career of a Cardiology Technologist is always evolving and invites talented individuals from all walks of life. The multitude of avenues that arise from this career allows individuals to embrace a passion, where their talents and past experiences shine through.

As a recent graduate of the Cardiology Technologist program at Stenberg College, I admire the support that I’ve received throughout my comprehensive training. The concise nature of the program allows graduates to enter the workforce both confidently and quickly. This is due in part to the dedicated instructors, who are experts in their disciplines, and have direct ties with leading industry partners. Even after you’ve graduated, instructors are keen on supporting you through your national licensing exam and with seeking employment.

The success of many Cardiology Technologists across Canada is a reflection of the Stenberg instructors I’ve been blessed to not only meet, but to call my friends.

Apart from such outstanding and compassionate instructors, my peers have also provided their invaluable support throughout my training. From individuals emerging from completely different careers to physicians from other countries, I’ve built meaningful connections that I know will stand the test of time.

Shortly after completing the Stenberg Cardiology Technologist program, I was hired as an Onsite Services Laboratory Technician, a career that combines cardiology and technology; the perfect fit for me.

Stenberg College Cardiology Technologist Diploma Program

Stenberg College offers a 62-week combined-delivery Cardiology Technologist Diploma Program designed to prepare graduates to enter hospital and clinical settings with the skills necessary to conduct a wide variety of diagnostic procedures.

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  1. I just heard that the national average of the licensing exam was 78% – but for Stenberg College grads its 94% – Jonathan is the top of that class! Thanks for sharing!’

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