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Stenberg College believes that maximizing student success involves every aspect of the college and every position (not just instructors) from Marketing and Admissions, Reception, Program Advisors, and Financial Services, to Instructors, Student Services, Alumni Services, Facilities and IT. Stenberg College provides a variety of services and programs that facilitate student success in their programs of study, their chosen career paths, and in their personal and community life. We aim to take the lead in continual improvement in understanding student needs and developing resources, policies, procedures, activities and events, organizations, etc. to maximize student engagement and success.

Lisa Brown

Student Success Coordinator – Campus Programs

Lisa provides direct support to students, and strives to make genuine connections with students. Lisa has years of experience as a Life Coach and Counsellor and brings compassion, critical thinking, and teamwork to Stenberg. She is a graduate of the Professional Counsellor Diploma Program at Rhodes Wellness College and is a member of good standing with the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association (CPCA) since 2009. Lisa recently achieved her Master Practitioner Counselling Psychology with the CPCA.

Emma Engen

Student Success Coordinator – Combined Programs

Emma is the Student Success Coordinator for students enrolled in online or combined delivery programs. A Stenberg staffer since 2015, Emma holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Victoria, where she also worked in student support. Emma’s favourite thing about her position is the opportunity to see students build confidence in themselves and succeed in their chosen career paths.

Jennifer Martin

ESL Instructor

Jennifer has a Bachelor of Applied Arts and a TESOL Diploma. She has worked in adult education for over 20 years. She is a supporter of life-long learning and enjoys meeting so many interesting people. She considers it an honor to be with them for part of their journey as they make concrete and positive changes in their lives. She enjoys the positive work environment at Stenberg College and appreciates the great team of caring professionals. In her spare time, Jennifer enjoys participating in the arts: storytelling, slam poetry, dance, painting, and theatre.

Steve Paras

Student Support

Bio coming soon!

Support Services

Learning and Study Skills Inventory (LASSI)

LASSI is a tool used in programs as a diagnostic measure to help identify areas in which students could benefit most from educational interventions. LASSI will assess various skills of students including attitude, motivation, time management, anxiety, concentration, information processing, ability to learn/retain new information, comprehension, test prep and test taking strategies.

Based on their assessment, students are then assigned various LASSI modules to improve their academic and personal management skills to increase their success in college.

Those with significant Anxiety scores need to learn how to reduce worrying and attend stress management workshops. Those with poor Motivation scores might attend workshops on Goal Setting. Those with poor Concentration scores need to learn techniques to redirect attention and eliminate interfering thoughts and feelings. Those with poor scores in Information Processing need to learn how to make information more meaningful personally and how to take better notes from lectures. Those with low scores in Selecting Main Ideas need to be taught how to focus on critical information. Those with poor Time Management skills may need to learn how to stop procrastinating and manage their time.

To learn more about how LASSI is used at Stenberg College, please click here.

More information on LASSI can be found at:

Stenberg College has also recently partnered with a Study Skills Website so students and instructors can benefit from all the information it offers.

To ensure that the needs of the students, our College and industry are protected, we have recently developed free English as a Second Language Program. ESL students that do not meet the admission requirements cannot enroll in a program at Stenberg College until they have successfully completed the CEP tutorials. These tutorials are provided at no charge to ESL students who will be enrolling in a Stenberg program.

This program, taught by a qualified ESL instructor, are held Monday-Thursday for 1.5 hours each day. On-going ESL support classes are designed to target specific areas of difficulty for ESL learners and are structured with a focus on:

  • Listening & Speaking
  • Vocabulary & Reading
  • Comprehension
  • Writing, Grammar &
  • Editing
  • Pronunciation & Accent Reduction
  • Advanced Grammar
  • Practice / Tutoring Time

The ESL curriculum is contextually and vocationally-based to provide particular assistance to those individuals working in healthcare and human services. The program, combined with ongoing ESL classroom support ensures that ESL support is available to students for the entire course of their studies.

If a student is identified to be struggling as a result of ESL, Student Services is contacted by the instructor to address the concerns. In this way, we are able to support students who have met program admissions criteria but whose English ability may be limiting their ability to excel in their studies, on practicum and in the workforce.

During the first week of classes our Life Skills coach works with your class to build on teamwork, interpersonal skills and communication, and helps build a classroom community. The Life Skills Coach is also available for one-on-one sessions with students to assist in personal goals, such as time management, maintaining relationships with peers or instructors, and other areas that students feel need further attention. To set an appointment with the Life Skills Coach, please speak directly to your Student Success Coordinator.


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